Hello there, my name’s Blake. I’m hoping to transform a decade and a half of developing games for corporate entities into making fun quirky games that can end up providing financially (directly!) for me and my family!

What you can expect to see out of me are games that I’ve made myself with art and audio I’ve either created or purchased, probably put all together in Unity. For insight as to why I’m making what I’m making I occasionally update my online journal.

For insight as to why I would purchase assets, well, everything on this page is 100% original me [except that ‘Buy me a Coffee’ button haha] 😉

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My first solo-endeavor, a text-based quirky game focused on choices while featuring some turn-based RPG styled combat

(You can try out the browser playable demo here!)

I will make *at least* two games, and this one will be fancy with graphics! Details will appear in my Journal one day

(I have detoured to Roblox for now, but I will be coming back to this one!)

Latest Journal Entries

Problem solving for hire? Sure!

After nearly two decades of workin’ in the games industry no two job-hunt stories I have would be alike. The most recent evolution is with recruiters, companies seem to be leaning more and more on third-party recruitment services… and it’s very telling those services aren’t terribly familiar with the wonderful world of game development. Recruiters… Continue reading Problem solving for hire? Sure!

Is the customer always right?

Sure! Usually, unless they’re saying something dishonest hoping for a specific outcome, then they’re intentionally misleading – but when that’s not the case, the customers feelings are definitely valid. That doesn’t make them the best problem solvers, though. Maybe I’ll take a step back, maybe some people who are reading this haven’t heard the phrase… Continue reading Is the customer always right?