Hello there, my name’s Blake. I’m hoping to transform a decade and a half of developing games for corporate entities into making fun quirky games that can end up providing financially (directly!) for me and my family! Or rather, that was the intent, since early 2022 I’ve had a full-time job consuming any energy I manage to charge up, perhaps one day I’ll have the energy to juggle my personal projects and full-time work.

What you can expect to see out of me are games that I’ve made myself with art and audio I’ve either created or purchased, probably put all together in Unity. For insight as to why I’m making what I’m making I occasionally update my online journal.

For insight as to why I would purchase assets, well, everything on this page is 100% original me [except that ‘Buy me a Coffee’ button haha] 😉

Buy Me A Coffee
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Unity Games

My first solo-endeavor, a text-based quirky game focused on choices while featuring some turn-based RPG styled combat

(You can try out the browser playable demo here!)

I will make *at least* two games, and this one will be fancy with graphics! Details will appear in my Journal one day

(I have detoured to Roblox for now, but I will be coming back to this one!)

Roblox Games

Arena Defense Experiment

An homage to a project I worked on over a decade ago while experimenting with Roblox

(Can give it a try here!)

GG Family Egg Hunt!

Introduced myself to Roblox Studio by making this over a weekend so our family in multiple pandemic bubbles could enjoy an egg hunt together

(Feel free to collect some friends and give it a shot here!)

Latest Journal Entries

Living with Covid (literally)

Tis been awhile since I’ve visited this online journal, that’s because I’ve had a full time job since the new year (which has been taking up waaaay more than full time hours 😅 oh games industry)! Once an NDA’s involved all the neat and interesting things I look at on a day-to-day basis run into…

“Ideas are a dime a dozen”

Game development is a space rich in creativity and ingenuity – after all, you get to imagine and create entire virtual worlds, the limits really are the imagination… provided you’re willing to negotiate with your idea and certain realities. Yes a “metaverse” sounds amazing but perhaps jamming a bunch of people in a networked high-graphic-fidelity…

My Roblox Experiment

I started writing this online journal post to procrastinate solving a bug that only rears its head with multiple people playing in my Arena Defense Roblox project, not to discuss the bug or much around it really (after a shower mulling it over in the shower I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on and…