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Who needs a bridge?!

I figured my neglect of this online journal hit an all-time high so I thought I’d do it while Angel investigates Roblox Studio, a tool used to make games for Roblox. “Who needs a bridge?!” was just triumphantly shouted as a bridge was blipped out of existence in a game anyone in the house right… Continue reading Who needs a bridge?!

Something of a personal nature

I’m writing this while procrastinating calling the coroner’s office. It won’t have much if anything to do with games or development, but seeing as I’m pretty sure the majority of people who end up reading this are friends and loved ones this feels like a more appropriate space than a social media account. Words I… Continue reading Something of a personal nature

Genre Agnostic Systems

Todays online journal topic was inspired by Angel, my lovely wonderful partner who couldn’t give two petrified rabbit droppings about the benefits of bit shifting. Hilariously, as I’m writing this Angel sits down beside me and all interest was lost in what I was doing purely from the title alone. Speaking of that inspiration… so… Continue reading Genre Agnostic Systems

Ignoring Stigma

My general plan for January was pretty simple: Take some time off around Christmas, take my concepts and initial idea-proving work and come back at it refreshed and full of energy and pep! Things did not go as planned. I found myself just as exhausted as when I decided to put a proverbial pin-in-things in… Continue reading Ignoring Stigma

New year, new game!

I’ve now registered for my third copyright! The second one will get used later, thanks to the beauty of creating games for myself I get to make that decision without many an hour spent preparing presentations then selling them both inside of outside of meetings. It’s really quite refreshing. I took a stay-cation from creating… Continue reading New year, new game!

When to take a break

The political weaponization of social media means that some habits I’ve developed over the years to relax are now doing the exact opposite. It’s a rough time; a collision of poor governmental policies (regardless of political party in power) and some real serious immediate global threats is leaving everyday life a little extra tense. Except… Continue reading When to take a break

Read Play Game: So Close!

I feel I’ve tied up the most dangerous and experimental ideas for Read Play Game (feel free to try the Demo!), so I feel the risk for my small first independent project is nice’n low. That feels good! Experimental like the interplay I wanted between the Standard (coming soon?!) and Demo version, taking advantage of… Continue reading Read Play Game: So Close!

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