When to take a break

The political weaponization of social media means that some habits I’ve developed over the years to relax are now doing the exact opposite. It’s a rough time; a collision of poor governmental policies (regardless of political party in power) and some real serious immediate global threats is leaving everyday life a little extra tense.

Except New Zealand, wow are they rocking it. I’m beyond jealous and am seriously considering changing citizenship just to retire there.

Also, y’know, the totally random things happening on a daily basis

The pandemic has effected everyone in their own way, and families, speaking of which, here’s my local family in its full glory (taken 2019)

I live with the two wee-ones right in the center with their mom (beside-ish me and my pink shirt), the other two younger ones spawned from me and the other other mom-looking-person many a year ago. Due to the pandemic, family hang-outs between households have been 100% digital. Two auto-immune diseases already took out one liver in one person there (this was taken post-transplant!), no one in the family is willing to risk this virus colliding with post-transplant medications and auto-immune diseases with no known cure.

Tablets with video chat will go up in each home so we can shout across about a dozen kilometers in victory, defeat, or random hilarity over whatever game we’re playing (usually Ultimate Chicken Horse, though Among Us is a new favorite). It’s not the same as all sharing the same couch, but I’m still glad for the chance to have fun all together as a family since all the standard gatherings (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. etc.) are out.

Being adaptive, in general, is pretty important for many-a-reason. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, at this point we have three-quarters of a year of making these kinds of adaptations in our lives. Fatigue periodically sets in, and personally for me, I’ve had a tricky time learning that I can also take time and relax. In a workplace I have a 100% win rate at winning (always beer) bets with co-workers who didn’t think I could get something done in an amount of time. Productivity is part of my working personality, so when I have an amazing opportunity to grow my own personal projects, treating myself to some extended time (so from my perspective, more than an evening or weekend) away from being productive is… weird.

So that’s what I’m doing! I’m formally taking a break, today and probably tomorrow. Except for writing in this online journal, because of course I have to feel like I did something 🙄 😅

Also I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Ratropolis, now that I’ve finally had my fill of Hades I have a solo-thing I can indulge in for hours on end, a personal favorite method of relaxation.

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