I released a game! I’m making a new one!

Not just released but it already has its first update!

Read Play Game is available on itch.io, and my entire experience with itch has been fantastic. If anyone reading this is ever considering working on a game to share with others I highly recommend it as a starting ground. I plan to migrate it over to Steam (complete with achievements!) but feel that can wait for the new year.

I’m enjoying that this means several things
– I can make games entirely from my own home by myself
– Those games can be supported (Demo and Full Version are two different projects on two different platforms and both received multiple updates, and will continue to get more!)
– I’ve identified a fantastic launching-pad platform for any new game
– Lessons learned in how to build for a browser playable WebGL game (or demo)
– Tech that I built for Read Play Game is already being reused in Game #2!

Ah yes, that final point, I’ve started Game #2! This game has slightly different goals, predominantly this is going to aim to be a source of revenue. I’m hoping to combine my experience with free-to-play game models with the freedom of not chronically chasing the demands of [insert executive or investor who is responsible for funding a full team] to design and build a monetary model that works for the game. A model where I offer ways to support the developer (me!) and family with tangible in-game rewards whose existence hopefully won’t detract from the experience for players who prefer to just enjoy things for free.

Compared to games I’ve worked on in the past I have incredibly humble financial goals. I would be ecstatic if next game alone paid the bills, and I do have contingency plans in place if that indeed does happen (games that have very low chance of recouping their costs, like Read Play Game, but are a joy to create and may have a small audience who has fun with them – like a full PvP RTS style game! I may have already purchased a Unity Asset explicitly to jump-start this potential)

…but Game #2 will not be an RTS. It will be built to be playable on mobile devices with a free download or potentially PC/Console platforms with a pay up front price that includes all “permanent upgrade” style purchases from mobile. This game has significantly higher scope than Read Play Game (it will take longer to make), but it will definitely be done before my savings drain entirely and I’m forced to rejoin the corporate world to pay the bills.

It’s exciting! As exciting as it is, I don’t see the value in sprinting right now to have something playable ASAP. It’s December and we’re almost a full year through a pandemic, I’ve put a ton of my energy towards Read Play Game over the last 5~ months. This last month of 2020 I’m hoping to relax, something I’ve learned can’t be forced but I find it helps to state my intent. Stave off that “you must always be productive!” guilt, and on that note, I hope everyone can find a way to relax before the big 2021 – I’m sure we all need it.

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