COVID Isolation Day 1 of… ?

So that happened. A general message of “hey, don’t worry about it too much” switched to “… so maybe don’t leave your home please” over a weekend. It wasn’t unexpected yet reality vs. (un)expectations is still a thing that needs reconciliation.

Development wise this is hardly a hiccup. We work out of an office-sharing space and are fully set up to work-from-home as it is. I had a bout of bacterial pneumonia back in September that I worked through entirely from home for 3~ weeks, COVID? No biggie! The game will go on.

Latest project’s been getting beta feedback/reviews for months now, my excitement of how that translates to a “full release” at a waaay higher numbers of players is competing with… fuck, people I know are in risk territory for this thing, people who going through further hardships would send all sorts of fractures through my heart.

The best correlation to any part of game development or design I can make: no matter how much effort you put in hoping something happens or not (player behavior, KPI met, any other developer hopes and dreams they feel their job relies on), reality will always assert itself. I’m doing my best to self-isolate and so is our household to prevent this from spreading, in this case my own example is the best way I know how to encourage others to do the same and prevent high-risk people from being exposed.

I’ll put a huge effort in to keeping aware, if there’s further effort I can take I’ll keep taking it, if there’s data to collect I’ll try to keep informed by it and pass it on to those close to me. At this specific point in my life, I wish I knew how to make a stronger social impact than I know how to do.

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