Who am I, what am I doing here?

Hi, I’m Blake. I’ve never owned a journal or diary, I tend to share my stories synchronously over beers at the complete absence of any asynchronous sharing. Had an idea to start putting down my thoughts on Game Development that aren’t theoretically owned by whatever corporate entity I currently work for. It’s been a lovely experience over many years of professional development (since 2006) that I feel I want to express, or wish I had something I’d of expressed to look back on.

I don’t think I’ll be reminiscing about past experiences, those I feel are still best delivered over drinks and good company. Pretty sure I won’t be rambling on about current experiences, as all the juicy bits tend to be covered by the standard Non-Disclosure Agreement. For now, I’m leaving this site as an available platform for when I feel something… fits. It’s just the seed of a concept, not sure which way it’ll grow just yet.

I’ve been a huge fan of iterative game development. Whether it’s a 100+ or a 5+ person team, as the ecosystem of the game expands reacting to its current state and not following a rigid blueprint or scripture tends to yield better results, and that’s how I’ll be treating this site.

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